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Adelaide, South Australia


Products and brands

We sell tools, machinery, spare parts and more

With access to a variety of brands, we can source, supply and customise a wide range of aluminium, uPVC, woodworking, plastic and other fabricating machines and equipment.


Our services

Preventative maintenance, repairs and breakdowns for most fabricating equipment

Performing routine services on your equipment will improve the efficiency and prevent breakdowns. In the event of a breakdown, our service and repair team is here to help. We keep the most common spare parts in stock or know where we can source them fast.


Template design and cutting service for copy routers

Not only can we design and supply customised templates for copy routers, we can design and fabricate nesting and other fixtures that will minimalise handling, optimise cutting operations and make your machinery more economical.

Extrusions special nesting custom equipm

Special purpose modifications

Our engineering service is available to customise and design specialised equipment or reverse-engineer spare parts to make them fit for purpose.


Test and tagging

Assure the safety of your electrical equipment with our inspection, test and tag service.


About Us

We are a completely Australian owned and operated business based in Adelaide, South Australia. 


Commencing as Australia’s first supplier of TAMA tools and pneumatic presses, we later expanded our offering to supply, repair and maintain a range of aluminium, uPVC, woodworking, plastic and other fabricating machines and equipment, spare parts and accessories. 

Our director, Roland Riese, has over 35 years of experience making him one of Australia’s leading experts on aluminium and uPVC equipment. 

Also trading as Luna Machinery SA, Tama has been selling and servicing aluminium fabricating equipment for over 20 years.


Whether you are starting a new business or looking to upgrade your operation, we are well placed to supply your machinery or customise designs to suit your business requirements. 


Why choose us

Extensive knowledge and experience

With more than 35 years of industry experience, we can recommend and supply the most efficient equipment to suit your budget.

Customised designs to suit your requirements

We can design, customise and adapt equipment to optimise your operation, saving you time and money.

Customer aftercare to keep your machinery efficient

Our service and repair team can attend to machinery breakdowns, repair jobs and provide preventative maintenance.

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