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We sell tools and machinery from a range of manufacturers including Oz Machine, Leda Machinery, Tama Tools & more

Aluminium, uPVC and wood working machinery

  • Single and double head miter saws

  • V-Mitre saws and notching Saws

  • Copy routers and template design

  • CNC machines

  • End-milling machines and end-notching

  • Crimpers

  • Dust / swarf extractors

  • Pneumatic TAMA presses and tooling

  • uPVC welders

  • uPVC corner cleaners

Tools, parts and accessories

  • Conveyors

  • Length stops

  • Pneumatic spare parts

  • Workshop equipment

  • Acoustic enclosures for saws and extractors

  • Saw blades

  • Copy router cutters

  • TAMA hand punches and repair tools

  • Extractor hose and fittings

  • Saw blade cutting lubricants

  • Service oils / slide oils

  • Tools and tooling

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